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X-Large Pro Freeze Dryer

X-Large Pro Freeze Dryer


XL Harvest Right® Freeze Dryer

Tray space: 2,251 square inches.
Freeze dry 40 to 50 lbs. of fresh food per batch, up to 10,000 lbs. annually.
Designed for consistent use, 4 times a week over 50 weeks.

Exterior: 24.3″ W x 37.4″ D x 35.6″ H, suitable for countertops, carts, or tables.
Tray: 10.9” W x 29.5” L x 0.75” H.
Weight: 258 lbs.
Power: Needs a 110 volt (NEMA 5-20) outlet with a dedicated 20 amp circuit.
Shipping Info:

Total shipping weight: 384 lbs.
Package dimensions: 48″ W x 28″ D x 48″ H.
Only ships to physical addresses.

Vacuum pump oil replacement every 20 to 30 batches (takes about 2 minutes).
Clean as needed.

Three-year limited warranty.

Comes with an XL Premier Industrial Pump at no additional cost.
Available exclusively in Stainless Steel.

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