Pea Shoot Greens

Pea Shoot Greens

High in Chlorophyll, Vitamin C, A, and K, and contains about 25% protein. A one cup serving contains about 35% of the daily value of Vitamin C, 15% daily value of Vitamin A, and 65% daily value of Vitamin K. Also rich in protease inhibitors that prevent certain viruses and cancers, useful in reducing LDL (bad cholesterol), and high in antioxidants that help the body fight free radical damage and inflammation. 


Sweet taste with a slight crunch. Great in salads, stir fry, smoothies, and juices. 


    Our sprouts and greens are grown in a greenhouse in Tucson from organic seed, in organic soil, and watered with filtered well water.

    Please consume within 7 - 12 days.  


    Once sprouts and greens have been picked up they cannot be returned, or a refund issued.


    Pick up days and times for this week are:

    Wednesday: from 10am-2pm

    Saturday: from 10am-2pm


    Sprouts and microgreens are raw foods, please consume responsibly and use discretion.  If greens become slimy or the smell seems off, please discard.

    *DISCOUNTED sprouts and microgreens are one week old, and must be consumed within 3-5 days


    All sprouts and microgreens can stay stored in baggies, or transferred to air tight container.  Keep in fridge, best in crisper drawer.  Prewashing not necessary. Pea shoots can last 2 weeks if stored properly.