Buckwheat Greens

Buckwheat Greens

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Rich in rutin, apparent by the pink stalk, which combats hardening of the arteries and strengthens the walls of capillaries. It is also rich in lecithin which is important for mental capacity. Regular intake of lecithin prevents mental fatigue and stress. It also helps neutralize the body of toxins, cleanse the lymphatic system, alkalizes the body, and helps neutralize the effects of radiation. 

Slightly bitter in taste. Best in salads and wraps.


    Our sprouts and microgreens are grown in a greenhouse in Tucson from organic seed, in organic soil, and watered with filtered well water.

    Please consume within 7 - 12 days.  


    Once sprouts and microgreens have been picked up they cannot be returned, or a refund issued.


    Pick up days and times for this week are:

    Wednesday: from 10am-2pm

    Saturday: from 10am-2pm


    Sprouts and microgreens are raw foods, please consume responsibly and use discretion.  If greens become slimy or the smell seems off, please discard.

    *DISCOUNTED sprouts and microgreens are one week old, and must be consumed within 3-5 days


    Sprouts and microgreens can stay stored in baggies, or transferred to air tight container.  Keep in fridge, best in crisper drawer.  Prewashing not necessary.